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The SYLVIAERA dance school has a much-envied reputation in Montreal thanks to its high quality teaching given by experienced professionals and due to the small sized groups of 4 to 10 students and its private class option. Our Breakdance and Acrobatics for dancers classes are offered for children, teenagers, adults and professional dancers.

END YEAR SHOW 2019: Saturday June 1st, 2019 at 3pm at Oscar Peterson Hall.
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SUMMER ‘’À LA CARTE ” SESSION 2019: From Monday July 8 to Wednesday August 21, 2019.
Great: Go on vacation and catch up your missed classes!

DAY CAMP 2019: From Monday July 8 to Friday August 23, 2019 including 7 “Artistic Weeks”. 2 choices :  « Street Dances » or « Technical Dances ». For more information: Consult our page “Dance School / Dance Day Camp”

REGISTRATION AT ANYTIME: By phone, on our online store or at our Dance School with an appointment. Pay on a pro rata basis for the remaining Spring 2019 courses.

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Acrobaties pour danseur
Acrobaties pour danseur
Acrobaties pour danseur
Acrobatics for dancers Breakdance Hip-Hop

Children and  Adult Program (7 years & older)

Acrobatics for dancers

     ALL Level  – Price: 


Nowadays dancer tend to combine styles and learn new ways of moving, acrobatics is one. This class will give the dancer a complement that is very actual in the dance reality. The “Acrobatics for dancers” class is an exciting mixt of handbalancing and acrobatics wich will improve the dancer’s space orientation and develop another kind of muscles and physicality simply by execution.

Break -Dance 1

Teacher : Jimmy Joachim (B-Boy)                                                             Children/Teen + Adult  Level - Price : Children/Teen : C   Adult :

Students will learn the 4 foundations of Break Dance: 1 -Top rock (no standing dance), 2 – Foot work, 3 – Freeze (balanced postures on different parts of the body), 4 – Power moves (acrobatic movements that require a lot of technique).

Break -Dance 2

Teacher : Jimmy Joachim (B-Boy)                                                                                Teen/Adult Level – Price : Children : C    Teen/Adult : D 

Experienced students who already know the 4 foundations of Break Dance (Top Rock, Foot Work, Freeze, Power Moves) will continue to learn and progress technically. They will now be called upon to fine-tune everything and work their improvisation and style while having fun.

Cost for Summer « à la carte » Session 2019 ending on August 21, 2019
—  —  $140 $155  

Prices include registration fees. Taxes not included.

Please note that we honour cash payments, interac money transfer, credit and debit cards.

10% discount: For members of U.D.A., R.Q.D., SYLVIAERA artists at a full session registration.

10% discount: 2 nd class of the same student or registration of a member of the same family for a full session

15% discount: 3rd class (same principle)

20% discount: 4th class (same principle)

Please note that there will be no reimbursements after a session begins. The deposit will be reimbursed only if cancellation is made prior to the beginning of a class. Plus there will be a $45 fee for any Annual Registration cancellation.

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From Tuesday July 10, 2018 to Wednesday August 22, 2018