Hosting and Entertainment

Hosting And Entertainment

Party Entertainment

Since 2003, we offer professional entertainment concepts for your cocktails, corporate events, weddings and receptions.

Thanks to our dynamism and to our team‘s out-standing professionalism experience, we offer you a selection of Entertainment and Hosting of taste in order to impress and charm your guests during a unique night where pleasure is an experience!

An ENTERTAINMENT full of surprises! According to your wishes, our artists will dance with your guests, teach you a few dance steps, invite you to take part in all kinds of surprising numbers and contests and dazzle you in a whirl of celebration! Merengue, Twist, line dancing, Ya-Ya, answering back to our percussionist, “Disco games”, Macarena, etc!

Whether you choose our “Bond Girls” to kidnap one privileged guest, or our “Coyote Ugly” to entertain your night, you can be certain of an immediate success! Our 2 other exclusive concepts “Gogo-Logo” and “Vogue” are just as surprising as the previous ones!

Your guests deserve the best you can offer them!

Our HOSTING has class, aesthetic, and originality written all over! SYLVIAERA offers you Hosts and Hostesses with a different choice of outfits as well as the option of a conventional red carpet hosting, promotional article handout, customized setting, etc!

To view different concepts, click on the 2 following links: Latino Era and  Exclusivities

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