Nouvelle Ère Show

Nouvelle Ère Show

Variety Dance Show

After many months of working on new choreographies, costumes design, makeup et creative work, Mrs. Sylvia Delpeuch and her dance company SYLVIAERA presented, in March 2005, the dancing show called Nouvelle Ère at the Corona theatre of Montreal.

An original show in which a dozen of professional artists, singers, choreographers and percussionists shine bright by their qualified techniques and their talents. These artists will astonish you by their stage experience and their easiness to perform in multiple different dance styles.

During this event, the dance Company presents the entire package of its choreographies, which will give future clients the option to choose from them and customize their own Personalized dance show ! Thanks to this original concept, Sylvia has established since then a dance Company where variety shows are respected and appreciated.

Soon after, Mrs. Delpeuch created the Dancing Shadows ; an exclusivity signed by SYLVIAERA. Being the first in its genre and creating immediate success since its first appearance: Class, Audacity and Reactions!