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Company Choreographer and Jazz BroadwayDance teacher


Artistic Director, Choreographer and Founder of the SYLVIAERA Dance Company
An artist to the core, creation has always been part of her life. Sylvia has always shone under the spotlight: actress, international level figure skating competitor, professional dancer; she has been escorted by the greatest artists and went to the best schools, including Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal and Alvin Ailey, New York.

Artistic Director and choreographer for international artists for over 40 years, Sylvia makes her dream come true in 2003: to be surrounded by talent, beautiful stars, people who are as passionate as herself and to open her own dance Company. And so, in 2005, she creates the  « Nouvelle Ere » Show presenting a whole range of dance styles, a show which consistently features talent and originality.
During this event, the dance Company presents the entire package of its choreographies, which will give future clients the option to choose from them and customize their own Personalized dance show ! Thanks to this original concept, Sylvia has established since then a dance Company where variety shows are respected and appreciated.

That year, Sylvia also creates and patents the « Dancing Shadows » another exclusivity to SYLVIAERA : the success is immediate…Class, Audacity and Reactions !

In 2008, Mrs.Delpeuch opens the doors of her own Dance School, where she and her talented dancers transmit their knowledge and passion of dancing. Wanting to get the young one’s interest towards dance, she came up with the Educational Dance Show «La-dis-ca» presented by the Dance Company to 10years old and up. Being part of the cultural and educational face of the art of dancing for more than 25 years, Sylvia specializes in the Art of making a dancer, a true performer on stage.

Starting January 2011, Mrs. Delpeuch will present her new «Mon Cabaret» show where 10 of SYLVIAERA’s dance Company artists will perform with great innovations an original twist of « French Can-Can» to amaze the crowd once again!

Sylvia is more than pleased that SYLVIAERA has transmitted her passion for dance and where “joie de vivre” is a mission. A new ERA : Sylvia’s era or SYLVIAERA.

Mrs Delpeuch created  «Creative Dance» classes 1 and 2 and «Entre-Chat» classes 1 and 2 for children from 3 to 5 years old with an real innovative program and teaches Dance Broadway Jazz at all the other ages and levels at SYLVIAERA Dance School. She also choregraphs the choreographies for the talented Jazz competitors.

Sylvia DELPEUCH, choreographer, artistic director, professional dancer, SYLVIAERA Dance Company and School owner