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Dance Hip-Hop Teacher



Judith Lagassé-Barrette was trained in jazz and ballet at Danse Prestige School. She then joined Studio 360 as a student before becoming a teacher in 2000. In parallel, she started contemporary dance training at Collège Montmorency and hip hop training with choreographers such as Véronique D’Abaté (UNKUT Productions), Guy-Robert Jean and Pierre Bouthillier.

Passionate about hip hop, she became a member of Véronique d’Abaté’s group UNLIMITED CREW and performed at many festivals (Festival des arts de St-Sauveur, Just For Laughs Festival) and benefit shows (Dance for life, Ogilvy en rose). The group danced for the Wiser008 Tour in 2008 and the Freeman (IAM) Tour in Montreal in 2010. She also won many prizes in competitions (1st place at Festival Danse Encore 2009 and 2010, 3rd place at Contest of Champion Walt Disney Florida 2011).

She continues to perfect her dancing skills by following many classes and workshops in Montreal and New York with choreographers such as Mark Samuels and Devin Jamieson, among many others.

Judith has been teaching Hip-hop for children and adults at SYLVIAERA Dance School since 2010. She is glad to share her love of Hip-hop with all of her students.