Choreographic Creation for brides and grooms to-be

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Choreography for brides and grooms to-be

« CHOREOGRAPHIC CREATION » for brides and grooms to-be

For a number of years now, our team of experience choreographers has been taking brides- and grooms-to-be under their wings to help them achieve the perfect dance for their special day. When it comes time for your own wedding, you too can have your own choreographic creation, a “first dance” inspired by your fancy and choice of music. Impress your guests! Go romantic or dance a waltz, or shake things up with hip-hop or Latin. Choose a dance rich in tradition, or a dance that throws tradition to the winds. Express yourself on your special day! All it takes is a little guidance from us. You’ll be delighted with the results, and have the perfect souvenir. Whether you’re a novice or accomplished dancer, it will be our pleasure to teach you, and a privilege to help you make this special moment a triumph.

See testimonials from married couples below !

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Prices : Private lessons and choreographic creation for your couple: Between $99 and $119 /hour depend of the choreographer

Private lessons and choreographic creation for groups of 3 or more: From $109/hour depend of the number of people in the group


Testimonials from married couples

Choreography created  for Anne-Marie and Razvan wedding Email from  « married couple »   received  August 11, 2008

Bonjour Sylvia! Nous voulions vous dire que la danse pour notre mariage a très bien été. Ça a été une surprise totale pour les invités et un succès assuré. Les gens avaient le sourire tout le long et l’air de la compagnie créole les a amené à danser tout de suite après. Nous ne nous sommes pas trompés, c’était génial. Nous sommes très satisfaits. Nous aimerions que vous le disiez à Tomasz, il est un géni ! Je vous envoie quelques photos que vous pouvez utiliser sur votre site internet si vous le souhaitez. Bonne journée, Anne-Marie Lagacé et Razvan Diaconescu

Choreography created  for  Wendy and  Walt wedding Email from the « married couple » received  Agust 23, 2009

MERCI encore Sylvia and Laura!!!!! The dance went REALLY well… we were relaxed, had fun and totally enjoyed doing it! We did the dance again as the last song of the evening, because we loved it so much!!! Thank-you for your great work and patience with us… it was a wonderful experience for us! And all the guests at the wedding were VERY impressed ! We will stop by with pictures once we get them from our photographer! Merci!! Wendy & Walter xx.

Choreography created  for  Megan  and  Derek  wedding Email from « married couple  » received  July 15,  2010

Sylvia & Laura, Please see attached photos from our dance. Thank you again for all your hard work and creative genius! Megan

Choreography created  for  Anne and Rocky wedding Email from  « married couple  » received  October 14 , 2010

Bonjour Sylvia, Un petit mot pour te dire que notre danse a été un succès total !!! Quand Anne c’est rendu toute seule sur le plancher de danse on voyait des gros points d’interrogation dans les visages. Vraiment le fun !!! merci Je pense que la personne qui prenait des photos était tellement surprise qu’il a oublié de “clické” pendant la danse…:-) Rocky