Jazz & Contemporary Dance classes

Jazz and Contemporary Dance School

JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY dance classes

The SYLVIAERA dance school has an enviable reputation thanks to high quality teaching. Due to sanitary measures, a maximum of 12 students will be accepted for each course. Dance classes are offered for children, teenagers and adults.

2022 WINTER  SESSION: From Monday January 10 to Saturday February 26, 2022  

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Jazz Broadway Jazz  Contemporary 

Kid / Teen / Adult Program (6 years old to Adult)


Jazz 1                                                                                               Level 1 – Price : A or B
The Jazz 1 class introduces the student to the beautiful world Jazz to learn it’s vocabulary and it’s technical moves. He will become familiar also with rhythm, the jumps as well as work in space.


Jazz 2, 3                      

 Level 2 – Price : A or B
The Jazz 2 or 3 class continues to advance the student to an advanced technical level in Jazz-Broadway with a touch of “Cabaret” while working on his interpretation.



Contemporary 1                                                                             Level 1 – Price : A or B
The Contemporary 1 class allows the student to learn an original and dynamic gesture specific to the Contemporary. Inspired by several technical currents, this course can include center work and ground work as well as less formal movements that are part of contemporary dance. The stage presence will also be approached.


Contemporary 2, 3        

 Level 2, 3 – Price : A or B
The Contemporary 2 or 3 class is a technical course based on contemporary jazz, specialized on stage presence and projection; Which may include center and ground work. This course will allow the student to progress in the world of contemporary dance. You must have a dance base to take this course.


PRICES                                                                                                                              A          B

Fall Session 2021 (from September 13 to December 4, 2021)                                      $255    $276

Winter Session 2022 (from January 10 to February 26, 2022)                                    $165    $180

Spring Session 2022 (from March 7 to May 21 or June 4, 2022 – End Year Show)   $265    $286

Summer Session 2022 (from July 4 to August 19, 2021)                                               $165     $180

Dance Day Camp Summer 2022 (from July 11 to August 19, 2022)                                  $350

After each Session starts : Pay to Pro-Rata

Prices include registration fees. Taxes not included. Please note that we honour cash payments, interac money transfer, credit and debit cards.

10% discount: For members of U.D.A., R.Q.D.  and 2nd class of the same student or registration of a member of the same family for a full session registration.
15% discount: 3rd class of the same student or registration of a member of the same family for a full session registration.

Please note that given the current pandenic circumstances, by registering you accept the force majeure contract which ensures that whatever happens in the coming weeks, for any consideration, these courses will not be reimburse or postponed later. Classes will continue to be delivered online through the Zoom platform.