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Pilates Classes

The following courses are offered for the Year 2021-2022 (from September 13, 2021 to May 28, 2022):
Jazz Broadway, Contemporary, Ballet, Latino Dances, Hip-Hop, Creative Dance (4 years old), Entre-Chat (5 years old)

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2022 WINTER  Session Registrations can be made : Online store, by phone 514-905-5252, by email [email protected]

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Yoga  Pilates Workout 


Adult Program (15 years & old )

Pilates   Adults : All level – Price:
A mat work – based class that incorporates the principles of Pilates, as well as stretching ballet (barre au sol). This class will give you a streamlined body shape while toning your buttocks, abdominal, hip and lower back muscles.


Yoga                                                                                     Adults: All level – Price: 

Yoga : it is designed to get rid of tension and rebalance the body while toning the whole body.Come experience expremly powerful movements to great music and drop weight and muscle tension all over you body.Also strengthening your joints, for anyone of all ages and of all levels.


PRICES                                                                                                                               A         B

Fall Session 2021 (from September 13 to December 4, 2021)                                      $255    $276

Winter Session 2022 (from January 10 to February 26, 2022)                                    $165    $180

Spring Session 2022 (from March 7 to May 21 or June 4, 2022 – End Year Show)   $265    $286

Summer Session 2022 (from July 4 to August 19, 2021)                                               $165     $180

Dance Day Camp Summer 2022 (from July 11 to August 19, 2022)                                  $350

After each Session starts : Pay to Pro-Rata

Registration fees are included. Taxes in addition. Please note that we honour cash payments, interac money transfer, credit and debit card.

10% discount: For members of U.D.A., R.Q.D. and 2nd class of the same student or registration of a member of the same family for a full session.
15% discount: 3rd class and 2nd class of the same student or registration of a member of the same family for a full session.

Please note that given the current pandenic circumstances, by registering you accept the force majeure contract which ensures that whatever happens in the coming weeks, for any consideration, these courses will not be reimburse or postponed later.  Classes will continue to be delivered online through the Zoom platform.