Educational Dance Show LA-DIS-CA



Educational Dance Show


Dance Show of 50 minutes where 7 dances
are explained by the main character of
”Madame LA-DIS-CA” 
and danced by 5 professional artists :

- Charleston, Jazz ”Fosse”, French Can-can,
Disco hustle, Salsa, Samba, Merengue

Part of this activity includes interaction with the students by initiating them to Merengue: a simple Latin dance who introduces them to many dance basics such as rhythm, isolating certain body parts and coordination. In order to prepare the students to the fullest, the teachers will receive educational material a few weeks before the event.

This includes:

- A summary of each one of the dances shown, including: Its history, its country of origin, its year of creation, costumes, musical style, original steps, etc.
- Audio sample of the actual Dance show.
- An exam proposition.

To download the promotional and self-explanatory document of the Educational Dance Show LA-DIS-CA: Click here
(Sorry, the document is currently not available in English for the moment)

For more information and to receive the educational material as well as the audio sample of the show Contact us