Dancing Shadows

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Dancing Shadows dancers

Dancing Shadows : an exclusivity  of SYLVIAERA

Created and patented in 2005 by Mrs. Sylvia Delpeuch, the “Dancing Shadows” provide success and amazement ! The goal is achieved: Class, Audacity and Reactions!

This exclusivity  signed SYLVIAERA is represented by two 9’ (2.7m) high “vases” made of a translucent fabric on a 4’ diameter base. The structure is lighted from behind with the color of your choice, creating Chinese shadows of the female or male dancer executing moves inside the “vase”, everything on an ambient music.

Depending on your personal request, the dancers can provide ballet  shoes, bare foot,  hold music instruments and dance on all types of musical rhythms: Lounge, Classical, Dance, House, Jazz… etc !

Inside the fabric “vases”, the “Dancing Shadows” follow the beat of your night providing your guest : A show they won’t forget !

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